Former LSU Tiger and San Franciso 49er Eric Reid visits Children's Charter
Former LSU Tiger and San Franciso 49er, Eric Reid visits Children's Charter
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Monday's Morning Meeting was not a usual one. This Morning Meeting welcomed Eric Reid, safety for the San Franciso 49ers. Brother to 2nd grade intern, Christina Bashful, and just back from his first appearance in the Pro Bowl, Reid addressed the full student body, faculty and staff, as well as some parents of the CCS community.

Reid came prepared to talk about a very important topic - the value of education and the importance of goals and dreams. He shared stories of how his sister and father set very high standards for his academic growth at a very early age. Reid's family made it clear that academics came first and all else, second. Their lofty expectations and his determination resulted in Reid achieving a 4.0 GPA while playing football. He graduated from LSU in 3 1/2 years with a degree in Business Administration.

With many CCS boys dreaming of playing professional sports, Reid illustrated the likelihood of playing pro football. Using the students as representation, he gradually had more and more students sit down as he narrowed potential players into a smaller and smaller group. Eventually, he had only one student standing - the only lucky future player out of very large number of hopefuls. His message? Stay in school, work hard and build your dreams.

Students came to Morning Meeting prepared with questions. Randomly selected, students inquired about whom he most respected on the 49er team, how he stayed fit to play football, and what he hoped to do once his football career ended.

A fine man with a powerful and positive message for our students.