What Makes CCES great?

(Fifth grade reflections at graduation. What will you miss most about CCES?)

There are a lot of fun things you will experience at school and at this school it's the best!- DB

They have been pushing me to become this incredible young man and getting into a good middle school and I love them for that.-TL

My school year was the best. I will miss my friends, teachers, student teachers, and everyone else. I LOVE CHILDREN'S CHARTER AND I KNOW THAT THIS SCHOOL LOVES ME- MC

I'm going to miss my goofy class and my goofy teachers and them doing goofy things to make me laugh-RB

I have had a lot of memories at Children's Charter Elementary School. I have worked and played and had many adventures. We work ourselves to the bone in the hopes of achieving the perfect lesson. I will miss the technology We had so much fun with the technology. Our teacher found learning sites and we have used them so much that we were passionate about them. -QJB

I will miss the teachers and the way they have taught me this past year. Also I will miss the memories that my teachers and I had. Also the memories that my friends and I had I will miss. -KL

I am going to miss my teachers because they helped me get better at my schoolwork and homework. I am going to miss them. We are like a big family forever and ever and ever. I know that they will always look out for me and have my back.-TC

I will really miss Coach D and the great times we had. I would come to him and he'll talk to me about my problems and most problems that I have had, he already went through. I hope Coach D knows I look up to him.-VR

I'm really going to miss art class when we would free draw and when Mr. Udoh taught us how to sketch and water paint. -CS

I will also miss the teachers. They have taught us a major lesson this year. Never give up. This school is like a home to most of us .We will miss this school. -TB

I have so many happy memories of Children's Charter that I will never forget.- TS

There is so much about Children's Charter that I love. I'm really going to miss the school and everyone.- VS

My teachers are the best in the world. I will always miss them in my heart-TR

There are many things I will miss my teachers, funny jokes, and fund events. I've enjoyed being here every day. I loved having fun there and this was a nice way to come to and end. Love you so much and I'll miss you as I head to McKinley Magnet Middle School. All good things come to and end. So i will miss all of you alot. - DP

I will miss our uniform. It makes us look like we are ready for whatever is coming. I love the stars and the tie because they are pretty and we are the only school that wears this. -QJB

Children's Charter is first of all a great school. Your teachers will show you they care, if you show them you care. Be a star, successful, thoughtful, aware, and respectful... That's what I will miss also, about my teachers, and how they got me prepared for middle school. I know that all the teachers will miss me because they love me.- LR

Ms.Roz is so helpful; she is really the one who holds this school together. I love these people and they love me too, it makes it so hard to leave. -CW

I just thank them for giving me a good year at this school. I also thank them for teaching me the best they can this year.- DB

Ms.Miller and Mrs. Frazier, both of you know that I love ya'll and I really, really, really appreciate everything you both have done to help me. I'm happy to say that all the hard work has paid off. Nobody has ever had my back, been by my side, loved me, and taught me academically like the people at Children's Charter. CCES is the reason i have excelled so far in life; CCES is the reason i'm going to McKinley. I have learned so much about being a leader, friend, and a great student- CW

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