Board of Directors
Marston Fowler, President

Jim Callendar, Vice-President

Alice Womble, Secretary

Since 2011 Alice Womble has managed wellness programs through both the company and the Foundation. In addition to creating synergy between community wellness efforts and business goals, she collaborates cross-functionally by providing strategic support to counterparts, subsidiaries and affiliates to fulfill community needs. Womble also develops strategies and community partnerships to address health promotion statewide. Womble serves as an active community investment volunteer for the Capital Area United Way and is a member of Rotaract. She is a recent recipient of the Power of 9 award for community involvement. She is also a graduate of the Boston College John W. Barton Sr. Community Leadership Development Program presented by Forum 35 and the Louisiana Association of Non-profit Organizations (LANO). Womble received a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Mass Communication from Louisiana State University. She is a graduate of the Boston College Corporate Citizenship Leadership academy and received a certification in corporate community involvement from Boston College.