What Is the Culture of Children's Charter?
CCES implements various programs which contribute to the overall success of ALL of our students. Here at CCES, we:

Trust that we cannot love and support our children too much;

Believe that the social curriculum is as important as the academic curriculum;

Know that all students have differing learning styles and rates of social and academic development. We meet them at their point of need;

Understand that children learn through social interaction;

Utilize small class sizes to maximize learning potential;

Believe that knowing the families is as important as knowing the children. We strive for and encourage active parental involvement;

Employ teachers with a passion for teaching in an urban setting, and we provide them with rigorous professional development so they may have a positive effect on student social and academic performance;

Offer a variety of music programs and visual art classes for all students;

Recognize the benefits of physical fitness in learning. Students have PE at least three times weekly;

Provide ample technology for students learning in a digital world.